Welcome to Sally Elizabeth Walking

Sally Elizabeth Walking is a growing community of local people who want to explore the beautiful Aylesbury Vale area of Buckinghamshire’s countryside. They are people from all walks of life, and all types of abilities. They may want to substantially improve fitness levels, could be in rehabilitation, or just want to be in the fresh air walking and having fun !

Here at Sally Elizabeth Walking we offer different types of walks that are driven our walkers.  We passionately believe in encouraging, motivating, inspiring and supporting our walkers in their journey to better health, life experiences and friendships.

The benefits of walking are enormous. The human body simply isn’t designed to run on adrenalin or sit in a fixed position at a desk.  When we are constantly under pressure, our health will suffer. The human mind isn’t equipped to constantly process high volumes of information.  Even allocating an hour a week to getting outside and active can have tremendous benefits for our well-being.  Are you ready to release the tension being held in your body and

  • Improve your posture and the natural movement of your body
  • Burn calories and start toning your muscles
  • Enjoy the delights of the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside

I am a certified Nordic Walking Instructor therefore can teach the techniques of walking with poles.  Using poles undoubtably increases muscle usage, as you engage your upper body in your stride at a faster pace.

However, Nordic Walking isn’t for everyone, so there isn’t pressure to use poles on the walks.  The main objective is to get the benefits from being out in the fresh air and natural light.  Walking with Poles can be introduced as you at any point in the future.  Taster sessions are available so you can try out using poles.