Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Past experiences, habits and beliefs can all translate into barriers which hold us back. Our ambitions may feel out of reach, yet the only real barriers could be our personal thoughts and fears.

What if I told you that there is a quick way to change those internal perceptions?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is that solution. Developed by London therapist Marisa Peer, it has been recognised as a means of realising rapid and permanent changes in thought processes. It frees you to follow the path you desire, rather than the one you are currently stuck on.

I have been trained by Marisa and am delighted to be accredited as an RTT Therapist. You can find out more about this amazing therapy from the founder Marisa Peer on her website www.rrt.com

How does RTT Work?

Discovery Call

The process starts with a Discovery Call. This confidential conversation explores what change you want to make in your life and whether Rapid Transformational Therapy is the right approach.

Therapy Session

The next step is a 90-minute session. Controlled hypnosis is used to help you to calmly redirect your focus inwards. It takes to back to the point where you pinpoint what is holding you back. When identified, unhelpful thoughts can be challenged. The final part of the session involves replacing your inner messages to words which support your transformation, this part of the session is recorded.

Listening to your Transformational Message

The third step is your commitment to listen to that recording for the following 21 days. This is where transformation happens.

What is RTT suitable for?

RTT releases your mind to work for you, rather than against you. It is ideal if:

  • You want to break bad habits
  • You want to overcome fears and phobias
  • Stress and anxiety are impacting on your mental health
  • Pain is impacting your physical health
  • You keep repeating the same patterns rather than moving forward
  • You need help to focus on a particular goal

Why Do Clients Choose RTT?

RTT is easy to fit around busy lifestyles. In just one or two sessions, you can decide how to re-programme your thoughts. The new message can be uploaded onto your phone, so it is easy to listen to at your convenience.