I followed that path towards status and salary. As a senior executive, I had it all; the flash car on the driveway, the luxury holidays and a well-respected position within the company. In addition, I was bringing up my children to be polite, well-rounded and ambitious. My home was clean and welcoming, freshly cooked dinners were served each mealtime and weekends were spent at an array of social events.

It sounds fantastic and I had convinced myself that this was everything I wanted, but somehow I still felt unhappy. I brushed aside the sleepless nights and smiled despite regularly feeling overwhelmed. I believed that being permanently stressed and busy was a sign that I’d earned my stars.

Stopped in my Tracks

Even when the cracks started to show, I kept going. I couldn’t see any other option. It took a major blow to my health to completely take me out of action. I had no choice but to stop. My life as I knew it had come to an end.

There’s no doubt that serious ill-health impacted every area of my life. However, rather than being a tragedy, it was a turning point. I had time to think and I finally accepted that I wasn’t healthy or genuinely happy. My lifestyle and my mindset needed to change.

I decided to channel my energy into new pursuits, particularly those which would benefit my mental and physical health.

I committed to fully embracing training in NLP Coaching, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Nordic Walking. Gaining accreditation and putting my skills into practice has helped me to change and gain confidence, whilst helping others to get more from their lives.

I now have a new definition of success; a career where I help people to live lighter lives without pills or pain.