• Rapid Transformation Therapy - RTT

    Change the internal thoughts that hold you back to words that support your potential

  • Isn’t it time to focus on your health and happiness?

    I help people to lead lighter lives without pills or pain


    I help people lead lighter lives, without pills or pain.

Sally Elizabeth Coaching

Life Coach in Aylesbury specialising in Rapid Transformational Therapy and Nordic Walking.

Isn’t it time to focus on your health and happiness?

Through life coaching, I can help you to redefine your priorities and channel more time and energy into the fulfilment of long-held desires.

Life Coaching

“I help people lead lighter lives, without pills or pain”

In life coaching sessions, I meet with professionals who are exhausted by the constant demands on their time and energy. They may be top of their field, but despite giving their all and achieving their goals, they feel pressure, not pleasure.

Coaching for executives typically focuses on accomplishing your career aspirations, but what if you’ve reached your goals and still feel unsatisfied with life?

Model of Success

In modern society, success is measured in terms of status and salary. We’re actively encouraged to continuously work towards the promotion of a lifetime. Being content with your current life is viewed as unambitious, time with family is simply a distraction and ill-health, a weakness.

This model comes at a cost. For a start, record numbers of professionals are being prescribed anti-depressants, painkillers and other prescription drugs. They aren’t dealing with the cause of the problem, simply masking it, so they can keep meeting the deadlines and delivering results.

Life Coaching for Health and Happiness

Sally Elizabeth Life Coaching focuses on a different model of success, one that is designed by you. Based in Aylesbury, I offer 1:1 coaching across Buckinghamshire. My aim is to help you feel good on the inside and out. If you are struggling beneath a convincing façade, life coaching can support your journey towards improved health and genuine happiness.

I’m continuing my path towards health and happiness. On route, I’ve discovered the benefits of Nordic Walking and the Rapid Transformational Therapy  These are helping me to direct my life in a more positive direction and may be of interest to you.

Permission to Invest in You

If you are used to putting everyone else first, it’s not easy to permit yourself to focus on your own needs. I’d like to convince you that the only way in which you can continue to give, is if you allow yourself time to build your strength, your energy and your resilience.

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