Price List

Change Coaching:

Free initial consultation (up to 1hr)


Starting from £40 per hour

Group of 3 sessions: £110

Group of 6 sessions: £220

Rapid Transformational Therapy:

  1. Discovery Call – a confidential discussion to identify the issue and establish the root cause
  2. RTT Session – a 90-min session involving hypnotherapy to bring awareness to your inner thoughts and create a new message that supports, rather than hinders, your goals
  3. Recording – At the end of the RTT Session, a recording is uploaded to your phone. Your commitment is to listen to this daily, for 21 days.

In most cases, a single session is sufficient to enable positive change. In more complex cases, a second session may be advised.

If you have any questions, please get in touch:

or call on 07933 315617

Be assured that all conversations are shared in the strictest confidence.