I followed that path towards status and salary. As a senior executive, I had it all; the flash car on the driveway, the luxury holidays and a well-respected position within the company. In addition, I was bringing up my children to be polite, well-rounded and ambitious. My home was clean and welcoming, freshly cooked dinners were served each mealtime and weekends were spent at an array of social events.

It sounds fantastic and I had convinced myself that this was everything I wanted, but somehow I still felt unhappy. I brushed aside the sleepless nights and smiled despite regularly feeling overwhelmed. I believed that being permanently stressed and busy was a sign that I’d earned my stars.

Stopped in my Tracks

Even when the cracks started to show, I kept going. I couldn’t see any other option. It took a major blow to my health to completely take me out of action. I had no choice but to stop. My life as I knew it had come to an end.

There’s no doubt that serious ill-health impacted every area of my life. However, rather than being a tragedy, it was a turning point. I had time to think and I finally accepted that I wasn’t healthy or genuinely happy. My lifestyle and my mindset needed to change.

I decided to channel my energy into new pursuits, particularly those which would benefit my mental and physical health.

Over time, I undertook training in NLP coaching and Nordic Walking.

For the first time in my life, I am working towards my own definition of success and in the process I have regained my confidence as a strong and capable woman.